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In 1967 Joel Silver introduced his idea of Ultimate Frisbee to the Columbia High
School student council in Maplewood New Jersey, USA. The next year it was being
played between two groups of students. In 1969 a team had been formed at the school
and they played in the parking lot using their coats as end zone markers. The first and
second set of rules was written in 1970 by Joel silver, Buzzy Hellring and Jon Hines.
The first college game was between Rutgers and Princeton on November 6, 1972. The
first tournament was played on April 25, 1975. Eight teams participated in the
tournament. In 1975, Ultimate Frisbee was introduced into the World Frisbee
Championships. In 1989, Ultimate Frisbee was exposed as an exhibition sport during theWorld Games in Karlsruhe, West Germany. In 2001, Ultimate Frisbee was named a metal sport in the World Games in Akita, Japan.Ultimate is now played by an estimated 100,000 players in over 30 countries, with the Ultimate Players Association in the US having over 13,000 members. The 2002 WUCC in Hawaii was the largest ultimate meet to date, with over 2300 players and 120 teams from 24 countries participating.

Ultimate is played between two teams of seven players on a large rectangular pitch. A line drawn across the pitch at either end creates two "end zones" (like in American Football). These are the goal-scoring areas. A goal is scored when a teamcompletes a pass to a player standing (or more likely running) in the end zone they are attacking. Players cannot run with the disc. When you get the disc you must come to a stop and try to throw it to another player (a bit like netball). By passing from player to player, the offence attempts to work the disc up the pitch towards the end zone they are attacking. If the disc hits the ground or is intercepted or knocked down by the other team, then the opposition takes possession (a change of possession is called a "turnover", like American Football). Possession also changes if a receiver is outside the playing area when he or she catches it. The defending team attempts to stop the team with the disc from making progress up field by marking them (as in soccer or basketball). The theory is that the offence won't want to pass to a player who is being marked closely, as it's likely to result in an interception. So it boils down to the offence players trying to get free of their markers to receive a pass, while the defense makes every effort to stay with them in the hope of forcing a turnover.

Ultimate is a non-contact sport played by two seven-player teams. The object of the game is to score goals. The disc may only be moved by passing as the thrower is not allowed to take any steps. Any time a pass is incomplete, intercepted, knocked-down, or contacts anout-of-bounds area, a turnover occurs, resulting in an immediate change of possession of the disc. A goal is scored when a player successfully passes the disc to a teammate in the end zone, which that team is attacking.

Spirit Of The Game
Ultimate has traditionally relied upon a spirit of sportsmanship, which places the
responsibility for fair play on the player himself. Highly competitive play is encouraged,but never at the expense of the bond of mutual respect between players, adherence to the agreed upon rules of the game, or the basic joy of play. Protection of these vital elements serves to eliminate adverse conduct from the Ultimate field. Such actions as taunting of opposing players, dangerous aggression, intentional fouling,, or other "win-at-all-costs" behavior are contrary to the spirit of the game and must be avoided by all players.

Captain's Clause
A game may be played under any variations of the rules agreed upon by the captains of the two teams. In tournament play, such variations are subject to the approval of the tournament director. Such things as length of game, dimensions of the field, and stalling count can easily be altered to suit the level of play.

Clarifying Statements
1. Phrases:
A "player" is any of the fourteen (14) persons who are actually participating in the
game at any one time.
To "put the disc into play" means that the thrower establishes a pivot foot and is
ready to throw. "Where the disc stops" refers to the location where the disc is caught, comes to
rest naturally, or where it is stopped from rolling or sliding.
2. There are no scrimmage lines or off-sides (except on throw-offs) in Ultimate.
3. The disc may be passed in any direction.
4. The rolling or sliding disc may be stopped by any player, but it may not be
purposefully advanced in any direction. Possession is gained where the disc stops.
5. No defensive player may ever pick up the disc.
Field Of Play
1. The field of play is a rectangular area with dimensions as shown on the
accompanying diagram.
2. The playing field may have any surface (although well trimmed grass is
suggested) which is essentially flat, free of obstructions and holes, and affords
reasonable player safety.
3. The playing field proper is the playing field excluding the end zones.
4. The goal lines are the lines which separate the playing field proper from the end
zones and are part of the playing field proper.
5. The perimeter lines (sidelines and end lines) are not part of the playing fields.
6. The corners of the playing field proper and the end zones are marked by cones
made of a brightly colored, flexible material.
7. An additional restraining line is established five (5) meters away from the entire
field to ensure that the sidelines remain clear during play.
8. All lines are marked with a non-caustic material and are between two and four
inches wide (2"-4").

1. Any flying disc may be used as long as it is acceptable to both team captains. If
the captains cannot agree, the currently accepted disc of the Ultimate Players
Association (Wham-O 165g) shall be used.
2. Individual players may wear any soft protective clothing as long as it does not
endanger the safety of any other player.
3. Cleats which have any metal exposed are not allowed.
4. Each player must wear a uniform or other clothing that distinguishes him/her from
the players on the other team.

Length Of Game
1. Each half lasts for twenty-four (24) minutes of stopped time.
2. Each overtime period lasts for five (5) minutes of stopped time.
3. The clock starts when:
1. An offensive player gains possession of a throw-off and establishes
a pivot foot;
2. The thrower receives the disc after a check;
3. The thrower puts the disc into play after it has been out of bounds.
4. The clock stops:
1. After a goal;
2. At the end of a period of play;
3. For time-outs;
4. For injuries;
5. For fouls and violations;
6. When the disc contacts an out-of-bounds area.
1. A goal is worth one (1) point.
2. A game to points lasts until one team scores twenty-one (21) goals with a
margin of victory of at least two (2) goals.
3. A game with a score of twenty-to-twenty (20-20) goes into overtime, and
play continues until a two-goal margin is achieved or one team scores
twenty-five (25) goals.
4. Halftime occurs when one team reaches eleven (11) goals.
3. Halftime lasts for ten (10) minutes.
4. At the end of the game, the team with the most goals is declared the winner.

This are some of the rules of Ultimate Frisbee. For more information, log on to

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PERLU - Bukit Cerakah:1st Camp Julai 2008 (Cont)

Hari Kedua

Hari kedua, pagi aku n Lah menjaga peserta2 Survival basic. Dari apa yang aku amati,ada peserta2 yg tak berminat langsung dengan aktiviti ini. Mereka hanya melihat dan kurang ikut serta dalam perbincangan

Pada sebelah petang pulak, aku switch ke aktiviti Blind Trail bagi membantu facilitator aktiviti tersebut. Dimulakan dengan aktiviti management games, peserta2 kumpulan ini tidak begitu bersemangat melakukan aktiviti ini. Mungkin aku dan fasilitator lain tidak begitu bagus dalam menjalankan aktiviti ini atau mereka yg kurang berminat... tapi xper,lepas tu diorang kena ikut trek blind trail yg mencabar.mau x mau diorang kena jugak hadapinya. Diharap selepas melakukan Blind Trail, mereka sedar bahawa mereka patut bersyukur dengan keadan mereka sekarang dan merasai yg semua adalah sama tidak kira darjat atau harta,kaya atau miskin, tua atau muda.

Pada malamnya pula, bos mengadakan kelas First Aid.Dalam kelas ini, bos telah menunjukkan cara2 menyelamatkan mangsa dan melakukan CPR. Peserta2 di brief dan selepas itu melakukan sedikit latihan berdasarkan apa yg di ajar oleh bos. Tapi malangnya para peserta tidak menumpukan perhatian sepenuhnya kerana mengantuk,letih dan ada yang kurang berminat. Kalau nak di ikutkan, sebagai facilitator disiplin, nak jer aku denda budak2 ni berendam dalam kolam lintah,supaya mereka sentiasa beringat dan serik..apakan daya,aku hanya boleh menegur peserta2 manja ni. tapi tetap tak di endahkan oleh mereka. Selepas kelas itu, mereka diberikan rehat oleh bos daripada pukul 1.15am.

3.00pm- para fasilitator pergi membangunkan para peserta untuk aktiviti seterusnya. Mereka mengambil masa yang lama untuk berkumpul dan bersedia. ada yang tak mengikut etika pemakaian. Ketika itulah aku meletup lalu mengeluarkan jeritan suara dari tekakku untuk menegur dan memarahi peserta2 yang lambat ini. Bergema suara aku pada pukul 3 pagi di camar rimba.. dah cakap baik2 taknak dengar...sambil lewa dan tak endahkan kata2 fasilitator..
mungkin fasilitator tak cukup bagus bagi mereka.entahlah..

Ultimate Frisbee: Taylor's Open Incident

Last Sunday, 27th July 2008, UiTM Lions joined a Frisbee Indoor Tournament, Taylor's Open in Puchong Area. Consist of 8 male players, Apize, Jerrold, Najmi, Claroy, Donny, Najmuddin, Fairuz & Sophian. During the Final match Between UiTM Lions and Intec Wildcats, we faced some problems with the result and the organizers...

Paste from Kldisc Yahoo Group (Malaysia Ultimate Frisbee Online Forum)

Victim Of Taylor's Indoor Open Tournament!

The UiTM Lions have been sabotage!!! How come the team which suppose to be
the winner of the match and become a champion become a loser

The match score was suppose to be 10-6. 10 points for Lions and 6
points for the Wildcats. But when the game finished, the score become
10 points to Wildcats and 7 points to Lions.

We have our own score keeper and the score is 10-6. In the first half,
Lions leads with the score 4-2. Then the wildcats begin to fight back
and score a points in the beginning of second half then Lions score a
point (5-3). Then wildcats score straight 3 points and the score
become 5-6. Then Lions score a points.The score is even at that
time.When the organizer announced the match have 1 more minutes,Lions
score 3 straight points!! and it supposed to be 10-6 at that time!And
Lions suppose to be the winner!

But after the final match,that guy who incharge of the
tournament announced that wildcats is the winner. We all shocked about
that result than argued but the guy said he was right about
the score. How come he knows the exact score when he was not focus on
the match because his team play at the other side (field B)?? My
teammate saw him past on the score sheet to his friend and he went to
other side.

What are the relevance of having other match in Field B when the Final
match were being held?? And when the team playing at the other side
was home team, there were no focus on the final! He annouce that the
score was 10-7. 1 more points added when there is foul play by
wildcats and the score was not valid but the score keeper didn't
realise it.

I cannot accept this defeat because we don't deserved it!We know we
are the winner! I can accept if we didn't played well but the fact is
we are the better team at that match!This is not fair for us and for
the name of Ultimate Frisbee! For me, UiTM Lions are the champions of
Taylor's Indoor.

2nd Message

Re: Victim Of Taylor's Indoor Open Tournament!

Im Apize from UiTM Lions team here to express my team feeling when we have
this tragic incident in Taylor's Indoor Open. Firstly we're glad that
this tournament was held, giving the ultimate players in Malaysia the
differences between the field and indoor games. The uniqueness and
creativity is there. But there are some problems and that major
problem was making this tournament not fair and professional.

The major problem was the score keeping of the tournament. This
started from the beginning of the games. They introduce this new
format of scoring but there didn't care about the score keeper of each
game. There are no score board or score display, all just observed and
written on a small piece of paper by a person. So the players cannot
know what the current score of the game is.

When this problem was not being focus and sort out by the organizer,
this effected the final match between Lions and Wildcats. Before the
final match, Nuar(wildcats) and I have discuss and we have requested
that in the final should be 2 time keepers and the request was
accepted by that guy who incharge of the game.

Unfortunately, the request just a promise when in the final match, the
score keeper is not organized well and no focus on the match. This
contributed the miss judge of the score and then the result of the
match is being sabotage and not fair. The team which are the winner of
the match become a loser.

1st Respond

Re: Victim Of Taylor's Indoor Open Tournament!

Hi there Apize,

It is a grave mistake on our part about the whole finals-mess. In
fact, you're absolutely right regarding the whole bad scorekeeping,
and we're very sorry about that. We didn't think about scores being
mistaken for turns at the endzone and vice-versa, and we definitely
should have had a better scorekeeping system.

It still remains a debate between players/onlookers regarding the
score.. there are just as many people on each side, so it's hard for
us to confirm anything at the moment. We'll investigate further and
update everyone when we get any information from scorekeepers/onlookers.

I'd like to correct you on one bit, which was about the
organizer/score-keeper watching the other field. On the other side was
HELP Jumpers Vs. Taylor's Flying Knights. Despite the name, I was the
only person in Taylor's Flying Knights who was actually from Taylor's
(wtf?).. so the organizer was watching the entire final match between
you guys, and not the match between HELP and TFK.

For the moment, please accept our sincerest apologies and bear with us
until we can clarify things.


3rd Message

Re: Victim Of Taylor's Indoor Open Tournament! (Recommendation)

It is not fair if i just gives comments without any recommendation for
improvement of a tournament.

First i would like to suggest for the indoor tournament in the
future,the important thing is the score keeper. Having the proper
score board or score display is a proper way. And please assign 2 guys
at the each of the endzone side to make sure the score is valid or
not.Because this is a fast game.The offence team may score
again,repeatly after a score if there is pull over after the defence
team started the play after the score. For more better, is better to
apply the score keeping system like Intec Open last 2 weeks. each team
were given a score sheet to ensure the score are taken is confirm.

Second, the safety of the court. The organizer should do something
about the walls behind the endzone because today the wall have causes
many injuries to the players who smacked the wall. The endzone was too
close to the wall and this will causes danger to the players. One more
thing about safety, the court should be clear from any public
activities such as badminton at the back of the endzones. The disc fly
away to the people who play badminton there and we are disturbing
them. There is one incident happen in field B today when the disc hit
the boy at his head (headshot),who playing badminton with his dad.

Other than that please improve what ever lacks in this tournament and
make it more systematic and organized.

El Kapitan
UiTM Lions

4th Message

Re: Victim Of Taylor's Indoor Open Tournament! (Recommendation)

For Wildcats, a credits for you all for making this sport become more
competitive. But today we are better team today. Just the result was
not as we expected. It was a great game with you all and we enjoy it.

For US Soar, you are the team to watch. If the the improvement
maintain better and better,mark my word,in two years time, you will be
a team for all to beat.You have a bunch of great talent and all are
still young compare to other team. Be patient in your games, plan more
strategies and improve your build-up play. And please try to control
your attitude in the game,sometime it is overact and can ruins the
ethics and the spirits of the game. Good Luck!

El Kapitan
UiTM Lions

2nd Respond

Re: Victim Of Taylor's Indoor Open Tournament! (Recommendation)

To the Lions of UiTM,

After reviewing feedback from many sources, we the organizers have
decided to maintain the final positions of yesterday's tournament. We
are very sorry about the whole mess regarding the outcome of the
finals, but we will stick to the results as reported by our official
score-keeper, as it is the only recorded result we have. We sincerely
apologize for the problems caused and promise not to let this ever
happen again, by supplying sufficient score sheets and score boards in
any of our tournaments.

Bryan Chong
Taylor's University College
Ultimate Club Vice-President.

3rd Respond

Re: [kldisc] Re: Victim Of Taylor's Indoor Open Tournament!

To Lions of UiTM,

Firstly, on behalf of the organizers, I would like to express my deepest apologies to your team for the problems that occurred mainly in the final match. Without these problems, this first of its kind tournament in our country would have had a superb ending.

Next, I would like to thank you for your recommendations for improvement. However, I strongly disagree the claim that we tried to sabotage Lions. We made our best effort to ensure the fairness and smooth running of the tournament. Logically, we as the organizers wouldn't have wanted anything undesirable to happen in the tournament. Before the tournament, I calculated that I myself had to bear losses of more than RM200 but I didn't mind as long as the tournament can run. Therefore, I feel that it is unfair for your team to treat us like that especially when you left the tournament before the closing ceremony as an act of protesting. The discrepancies in scores was not done intentionally and of course we hope to have avoided it.

The purpose of this first of its kind tournament is to expose Malaysian Ultimate players to indoor Ultimate and most importantly to have fun. A winning mentality is important, I know that too, but it should not over rule self control of players.

Lions might be 10000% very very sure that their own team had won the match but so do the players of Wildcats and also the score keeper(Just to correct you, Bryan Chong wasn't the score keeper for the final). Wildcats even cheered happily for themselves because they were sure they had won the final. Just imagine being a Wildcats players, they are as sure that they won as Lions are. I feel that it is not respectful to the players of Wildcats because of repeated claims that Lions were the better team that day. They must surely have been shocked just like you from Lions. After all, we are one big Ultimate family!

Overall, it was a smooth and successful tournament as everything went according to schedule and as planned except for some problems, some avoidable and some unavoidable. Unfortunately, blades and hammers were not quite possible because of the low lights. However, I'm sure everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves even with those problems!! May i point out that mistakes tend to happen always because one who doesn't make mistakes is one who does nothing.

Once again, I would like to apologize to Lions mainly the scorekeeping. We will ensure nothing similar will happen again.

Wildcats, I would like to congratulate your players for topping the standings and emerging as the winner of Malaysia's first ever indoor Ultimate tournament! Lastly, please accept my heartfelt apologies for your victory is marred by such undesirable outcome.

Thank you.

Guan Huan

Taylor's Ultimate Frisbee Club

5th Message

Re: Victim Of Taylor's Indoor Open Tournament!

Its doesn't make any sense that lions only score 3 points in second
half because in final 1 minutes lions manage to score 3 points. And
lions have scored some points before that final 1 minutes,but still
the result as 7-10.Is this sound right to you all?(Lions lead 4-2 in
1st half).hmm..nevermind la..past is past.

To the organizer,thanks for your explanation. we take this as a
challenge to be more ready and careful in the future tourney.



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PERLU - Bukit Cerakah:1st Camp Julai 2008

Pada 25-27 julai yang lalu, aku mengikuti 1st Camp budak2 junior Diploma FSR yg mengambil subjek dibawah kendalian En. Hisyam Che Mat. Aku ditugaskan sebagai Fasilitator yang menjaga disiplin peserta2 camping kali ini.

Tugas aku bermula dengan kejadian "kurang belajar atau kurang belajar" seperti cerita dari blog teamtact. Ketika kejadian, aku, boyington dan rafsan berada di sana(stor rekreasi) dan melihat dan mendengar sendiri perbuatan kurang ajar ini. Selepas rafsan menegur perbuatan itu, aku terus brief tentang etika dan disiplin ketika camping kepada peserta2. Aku hanya sempat memberitahu tentang etika pemakaian, hormat-menghormati, niat belajar dan kemudiannya aku diberitahu bahawa bos memberi arahan supaya kita tidak terlibat dalam 1st camp ini.Mereka tak perlukan PERLU..mereka boleh buat sendiri..jadi we left the tempat kejadian.

Hari pertama camping ni adalah hari yang paling senggang kerana kami hanya boleh melihat gelagat2 peserta yang pandai dan tak memerlukan PERLU untuk menjalankan aktiviti. Dari apa yang aku lihat tanpa kelibat 2 orang pelajar yg rajin itu, mereka semua tidak boleh melakukan camp craft sebaik itu. Semuanya bergantung dengan 2 peserta ini. Banyak kesalahan2 yang aku dapati pada peserta2 tapi aku hanya boleh melihat dan membiarkan mereka yang tak dengar arahan itu. Baju tak "tuck in", penggunaan selipar, time management yg teruk,penggunaan handphone dan lain2...sungguh berat mata memandang keadaan itu.

Di sebelah malam,satu sesi perkenalan bersama fasilitator dan peserta di surau. Ada pelajar yang masih tidak mengendahkan dan tidak berminat untuk mengenali facilitator yang mengorbankan masa untuk berkongsi ilmu dan pengalaman dengan adik2 atau junior. Sebaliknya ada peserta yang mempersendakan aku dengan mengulangi aksi aku ketika memperkenalkan diri. Seorang peserta memetik kata2 aku "nama saya anu...ada soalan?" dan "saya dalam rekreasi utk dekati alam". Aku melihat jelas perbuatan tersebut kerana ketika itu aku berada di tepi tangga surau. Dia ingat aku tak nampak la...

Selepas itu, mereka menjalankan aktiviti Solo Walk. Kebanyakan mereka masih tidak mengerti tentang penggunaan Password : Jalan - Kubur.. ini terjadi kerana "facilitator baru" yg bertugas ketika itu tidak menjelaskan lagi tentang penggunaan password itu. Jadilah bercelaru. Cakap tak perlukan PERLU..

Hari kedua- Bersambung...To Be continue...

What make me into Blogging?


Nak diceritakan camne aku mula terjebak dalam kegiatan blogging ni...hmm..dimulakan dengan borak2 di kedai mamak bersama alumuni PERLU yg asyik menceritakan tentang blog masing2,aku pun blur2..time camping dgr lagi diaorg ni borak2 pasal blog...aku rasa ketinggalan plak..

Then bila bukak jer blog teamtact, hicmat dan lain2, keinginan untuk membuat blog mula tersemat dihati...walaupun dalam keadaan yg sangat sibuk dgn kelas,projek & assigment,aku tetap juga tekadkan diri untuk mem'blog' ni...

dalam blog ni aku boleh menceritakan tentang rekreasi-PERLU-Camping dan aktiviti lain, Sukanku yg ku ceburi Ultimate Frisbee dan lain2...hope kita boleh berkongsi pengalaman,cerita suka duka bersama..

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Introduction of the blog


This blog is for me to express my thought, view, feelings, experience and many more about Ultimate Frisbee and Outdoor Recreation.